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Reviewing, Starring, and Rating! Meanwhile....?

Posted by Teckmo-X - October 13th, 2018

So last time I made a news post I talked about how I have no way of making music because;

  1. I lost the FL Studio cracked version I had in store in case I needed to redownload it which really sucks because I had everything ready to make music on it.
  2. I had to sell my computer because of my financial situation.


This is a huge drawback to me and it really only points out that it might take my until January/February latest to get back on the road to creating and developing new music. I actually have some new ideas for music but that will have to wait. I have been keeping myself busy with helping with the game my friend wants to make. While I can't make or develop new music I'll have to just work with what I got but I'm sure to release a couple of sneak peeks once we have more ideas figured out. I've also been thinking of continuing with the development of my website which I will be working on from time to time but that's also time consuming so I don't have much time to finish up everything.


Meanwhile.... I have been thinking about the people I follow and the people who follow me. I apologize for the many who has never gotten a review from me. I have made it a point that I do get busy with my schedule but that still saves me some time to come on here and review some new stuff. That's why every weekend I'll be checking back to back with everyone to see what's going on. I'll be rating and commenting on artwork, videos, music, and games. I will also open discussion about more social networking tweeks that I'd like to try out sometime. For now I hope I can get back to making music but I'll need to focus on the essentials of music making on a budget. As I've said every weekend will be a day to review posts, new music, new art, and more. I'll also be exploring the audio portal for new artists to file.



I wonder what kind of financial blunder you've had to deal with that required you to sell your PC of all things.

Hopefully you can find your way to music once more, it's a beautiful art.

I've been having some financial problems in the sense but I hope to have a PC soon enough. The hard part is getting back FL Studio. Some of my work was wiped out so I had to try and rewrite them into my notebook. Hopefully when I get a chance I want to try out the projects in the notebook into my computer

That's unfortunate you can't make music, but just think of it as a hiatus. One day, you will make music again.

Oh that's no biggie but don't you worry I will be back soon by January.