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Teckmo-X's News

Posted by Teckmo-X - 2 weeks ago

"Think of this as you close your eyes and you leave this world on to find a new plain of existence. A world where the possibilities are endless and the reality of what it may be is all but imagination, however never forget that things can take a turn and bring you deeper down, almost as if the air acts like water and perhaps the reason you can breathe so easy is because none of this is real, this is ALL but a DREAM" <3







Posted by Teckmo-X - November 15th, 2022

HEEYYYYYY!!!!!! Everyone!!! It has definitely been a long time since my last time on Newgrounds. My life has been an absolute mess this year. A lot has happened since the release of ClockWorks Pt.2 and I didn't mean to disappear all of a sudden. I'm still in a period of recovery but doing much better than before!

I've been clean for months now and working on myself, trying to get back into my relationship with the most amazing woman in the whole world, exploring new worlds and meeting new souls. Today let it be the start of a new TeckmoX!!!

I have been working on some new music and a huge amount of improvement has been managed within the last couple of months into getting back to music making. A lot of new music that will definitely be making it's way starting next month. Keeping up with New Feed and the community is my top priority and creating and releasing fresh new music is my main goal. I've created a new style of music for myself and Cyberpunk is the theme for the next few upcoming EP Albums coming soon as well as a collaboration with WhatUpSunny.

Now How about I tell you another story. Are you ready to venture into the stars with me once again? Let's Begin... Y/N....?

P.S. I apologize to my fans, close members of the community, followers, listeners, and the entire Newgrounds community for being MIA. I've had a lot going for me and it's been rough but getting back into a consistent pattern now to make for lost time and no longer stop what I'm passionate about: Making Music. Time for the Story Teller to return for yet another tale!



Posted by Teckmo-X - December 30th, 2021

"And there the watch tower stood tall as the hands ticking to strike midnight fall. There they found time within itself. There, they were ClockWorks."

For many years as a music artist I've come a long way and in that time frame I've made some amazing songs I'll never forget. "The Blind Forest" and songs like "Dreamcast" are all songs I will always remember as achievements and accomplishments throughout my time making music. Nothing however comes close to the original version of "ClockWorks" bringing nostalgia and memorable moments to the Newgrounds community as one of many songs to really touch our hearts. Featured in both Riddle Transfer Series and FNATI: Discovery it has become a Newgrounds favorite and an unexpected masterpiece along the years. It's aged well and shocks me that so many Newgrounders have listened to it. With almost 40k listens it's declared my most listened to song!

Almost 7 years later everyone has requested a new version or a sequel to the infamous original soundtrack. As part of ending the year on a good note the high demand for a remix has finally come to life with a whole new perspective within hands of the ticking clock as we reach a new year.

Everyone, Ladies and Gentlemen, Newgrounders everywhere, I give you the release of the highly anticipated, requested song remake "ClockWorks Pt.2" bringing a new style of electronic/dance/synthwave music with time changing results. I wish nothing but the best for everyone in the year of 2022 and let this be a gift to the Newgrounds community and the continuation of better music ahead. Thank you everyone for the support and amount of love you all have given me from the start of my journey into becoming a music artist and I hope that as the years go by I can continue to inspire and give hope to all to continue doing what you love! A special thanks to @Kamikaye for the amazing collaborations we've had together an amazing artist in the community, @TaintedLogic, @Random-storykeeper@ChronoNomad@Troisnyx, for providing awesome content, without them none of these events and competitions would have been possible. I apologize if I forgot anyone else. This was Teckmo-X and until next year! HAPPY NEW YEARS NEWGROUNDERS!!!!!

PLEASE: If you decide to use "ClockWorks Pt.2" for anything (games, videos, etc) Contact me via Newgrounds or any other media account found on my page. All Copyrights Reserved!



Posted by Teckmo-X - December 21st, 2021

Time is Ticking! ClockWorks Pt.2 Coming Soon 12/31/2021 New Years Eve! Pre-Saves start Tomorrow!!!

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Posted by Teckmo-X - November 2nd, 2021

Everyone I know you all have been waiting for the next release of a song or album. With little time during the holidays it might be rough to release all the songs and albums I've been so eager to but I'm sure that even a tight schedule won't be difficult to manage. So We have a couple of release dates to be announced but let's go in depth with what to expect for the month of November and December.

After talking to my Co-Producer and Lo-fi creator What_Up_Sunny We've concluded a scheduled line up of releases this upcoming holidays. The line up is as follow:


  • Collaboration with What_Up_Sunny EP Album "Shangri-La" will debut this weekend on Sunday November 7, 2021. It will feature 3 songs with a new subgenre of Lo-fi Electronic music. This album will be the first between collaborations with a special video announcement on YouTube so don't miss out!
  • In conclusion to the release of "Shangri-La" on November 29, 2021 I will be releasing the next EP Album "Astral Dreams". This album will include 3 synthwave genre songs including a special sneak peak of a long awaited song. I'm sure you all can guess what song I'm talking about :)
  • On December 24, 2021 A new single will arrive in stores and all major platforms. "Clockworks 2" will be released on that date and no later than so. I know this is a major favorite within the Newgrounds community and I've heard everyone's voices and I shall deliver the long awaited and most anticipated song. Don't miss it, the clocks ticking!
  • I will be having a livestream session of the EP Album "Astral Dreams". This will be a full coverup synthwave live performance including all 3 songs and the sneak peak of "Clockworks 2".

As of right now there is no real time of release except standard eastern time zone. Songs will debut during the users time zone. I've been working really hard on the next couple of albums and trying to make the most out of my free time to give you all more music and news as I go. I understand it has been a while since my last submission but during those times I will also release small pieces of my work here only on Newgrounds.

Aside from all this I did mention before that I will have to get tested and go through a biopsy to make sure that there are no severe health issues with my lungs. This is a very serious time in my life and I'm doing the best I can to not only take care of my health but to also continue doing what I love to do. I am positive that I will get through all of this and I hope you stay positive for me too. Thank you for all the kind words and patience you have given me. Before I go here's a glimpse of the artwork for "Astral Dreams".


Posted by Teckmo-X - October 18th, 2021

My last time on Newgrounds I had mentioned that I had to take a break from making music. I was going through a lot of different issues that brought me nothing but pressure in my life. I've lost a lot in the last 4 months and felt like I was never going to get that back. My car broke down for a month, I was almost homeless for another month, I lost 2 of my friends from an overdose, almost lost myself as well. My life has been really crazy lately and I didn't have a laptop to continue making music. I had all the music equipment I needed to create but no laptop to develop. Now I have a new laptop thanks to a friend and because of him I was able to get back into making music.


I do admit that I am a little behind on things but I know I'll be back on track no problem. I think the biggest issue right now is with my health.

My adoring fans and supporters I'm afraid that I have some rather bad news. I have had a biopsy done a few weeks ago and had recently found out that I am dealing with early signs of cancer. Because of this I have had little to no motivation in making music. Mental instability and physically and emotionally drained I'm battling everyday that I wake up with something I know could kill me. I'm concerned and desperate to get all the help I can get. So far I'm okay but everyday I wake up I've been much weaker than the previous and slowly I feel like I have no energy to spare throughout my day.

Everyone please stay positive for I'm trying my best to release the songs I promised including the sequel to "Clockworks 2". I might have to change the date to December for Clockworks 2 as I've been collaborating with another artist, awaiting an EP Release of Lofi-Electronic music. I am also working on a multitude of songs for my next album myself set to release in November.

I appreciate your absolute patience with waiting for new music and I am grateful and appreciate the support and love you all have given. I'll soon announce the set list of songs set to release for the rest of the year with real time release dates and countdowns to keep things within the flow of time. Thank you everyone and God Bless my fans and the Newgrounds Community! <3




Posted by Teckmo-X - September 3rd, 2021

I'm sure that a lot of you have been wondering whatever happened to Teckmo-X. Well in short I was taking a little break. I ended up working a lot of hours with absolutely no time to release or create more music. It's been difficult to manage my page as well as communicating with fans and followers. But now things have changed and I'm back in action! Soon enough I will be releasing a new song and collaboration with WhatUpSunny, a lofi artist and a friend. We will be releasing our very first EP album and with a brand new taste of electronic music featuring Lo-Fi aesthetics. A release date is still to be announced with only an approximate spanning around late September. The EP album will be released on various platforms such as spotify, pandora, and apple music. This is a big project that we are working on and we hope that everyone enjoys a taste of some electronic Lo-Fi.

Furthermore I will be getting a new computer so I can manage more of my page and music while I'm on the go working. I would like to apologize to all my fans and followers for not keeping up for the last couple of months but it has been a hard road for me and I am currently getting back on my feet. More of Teckmo-X to come and more sweet music to vibe to.

Thanks everyone for your support and understanding! I hope to bring more music out for everyone!


Posted by Teckmo-X - May 25th, 2021

Hello my dear followers! I usually don't do this but I'm afraid I have to take action. I've been traveling from state to state working a new job so I won't be able to publish and release new music very often. This does not mean that I'm quitting my love and passion for making music but rather taking a small break to leap over these next couple of months that I travel. I will still be releasing content but at a much slower pace. I do apologize for this sudden action but I must work on myself for a bit and to get back into the right mindset. My health is important and I need to take this moment to work on being healthier and build stability in my life. Thank you all for understanding and I will announce more later this start of June.


Posted by Teckmo-X - April 4th, 2021

Guys guys GUYS!!! Go check out my new song with the video dropping today...RIGHT NOW!!! GO GO GO!!!

Don't forget to Like and Subscribe for more content and music. Also IF you subscribe you'll take part of the upcoming sweepstakes to win some awesome prizes for your music, video game, and art needs like a Akai MPK Mini or a full version of Ableton 10 Live!!!


Posted by Teckmo-X - April 1st, 2021

Hey Guys it's Teckmo-X here with exciting news! Today I launch the release of my latest song "High Voltage". A pure breed of inspiration from both two of my favorite artists: REZZ and Ganja White Night. Listen to the crispy basslines and wobbles this ones got, it's a real headbanger!

Hope you guys enjoy this sound track and as always check me out on Spotify and don't forget to follow for more crispy content!!!