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Brought me back to Berserker animation style or something more comic like. I loved this!

This is great! I hope there's a sequel to this :3

Bloody rampage, cops without rules, mischief, high speed action packed killing!? I CAN"T WAIT TO PLAY THIS GAME!!!!

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So I like this of course but it needs a lot of work before you can release it. Before I move on I thank you for using my music and you're welcome to as long as you credit me. So to start off;

The game does look very similar if not the same as Riddle Transfer which is a really hard way to go about because the animation as well as the storyline is equivalent to the original Riddle Transfer games. It holds some uniqeness in it's very own perspective but the originality isn't there and I'm afraid a lot of people including the original creator JonBro could flag the game for the consideration of stealing ideas or even copyright content and you wouldn't want that at all.

The game lacks much of what animation has to offer and the key features to an adventure point and click game are strongly ignored. As I've mentioned it needs a lot of effort to be a decent overall game. So I would definitely suggest trying something different. You are able to use the same key elements of Riddle Transfer (like animation and imaging) but the setting, storyline, interactions, and concept need to all be changed. I would start with trying to find a different storyline. Take notes for yourself and see what you can come up with. As I've said the animation can easily be used but the storyline can be counted as plagiarism and can badly affect your reputation as a game designer or animator.

Once you've taken enough time to find originality to your game try to focus on character development and design. This is probably for the best since it can portray similar features to Riddle Transfer. Come up with a new unique and original character design that compliments the new theme. Once that's done head towards the next step; interactions.

Interactions allows the gaming community of Newgrounds to experience a different approach to point and click games as well as interesting puzzles to solve. Work on dialogue and personality to achieve this. The more interactions and puzzles you have the more you gain the players attention towards completing the game. Don't make it impossible but make it hard enough to challenge their minds.

Lastly remember that everyone has their own style of animation and gaming. While this is the most basic of animations it's also not as original as others because of the repetition of overly used sketches. The more time you spend in development the better the game looks and plays out. This is no different than creating art or producing music similar to another artists. It would be like copying someone else's work but in your own eyes it seems okay. Be you're own original creator, make something that people haven't seen yet. The more original you are with your work the more people will become interested in trying it out.

It's all about time, development, and originality. This is just a wall you need to break through. Keep sampling different scenarios and develop a game that will blow peoples minds. I wish you luck and all the best!

In the words of the great Alan Watts " I'm not trying to put you down. It's an expression of you as you are". - Alan Watts

Teckmo-X <3

Definitely an awesome game! It reminds me of Black series but without the stickman levels. This is a time water for sure and it got me hooked. It's addictive, like cocaine....I don't do cocaine lol. It's a good game so 5 stars.

P.S. No I don't do that :P

Aside from the fact that my song is in it as you sent me a link to it I was like umm okay. Then I started playing it and it felt so slow. I got to round 30 and I saw the difference really soon. I was immediately hyped when I got to round 50 and I almost got it but the boss passed through and I was like "NOOOO"!!!!! Overall a simple fun but addictive tower defense game in my opinion. Hell I'll be playing it again more often to kill time. 2 months well done and worth!

Wombart responds:

Happy you finally enjoyed it !

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The fun part about making music is the experimental part of discovering new sounds to work with. I think this is good if you're into horror or thrillers, it's something that captures some grotesque scenery. So here's what I think of this piece:

Let's start with the pros. Well I like the beginning of this. I see what you did there. You tried to capture the heartbeat type of beat lol. This is nice and it gives some secondary character-ism to the song. It definitely has a level of creepy in the background and wouldn't mind listening to this on a video game. It's perfect for a horror game in many ways. The style, the beat, the chill that runs down your spine. Qualities music needs to bring to peoples attention.

I find it awesome that you tried to synchronize the piano roles to each section of the song. Pianos are just a great way to add some atmosphere for just about anything and this one worked out for you.

With every good there's a bad:

So everything seems just fine but as I listen it feels dry. The song has some good atmosphere but what makes horror grab you by the heart is the effects. Reverb, Delays, Sustains, and LFO effects can really help out with bringing the atmosphere to life. I can give you an example of this in one of my songs "City Ruins". It amounts with lots of reverb and sustain which when pairing with keyboards, pads, and atmospheres it can easily bring out that tense but bassy reflections of sub bass that sends chills down your spine.

Other than that I'd say mixing and mastering too but that's problematic for everyone even myself. I definitely think this has more potential and if you were to take my advice and try to add some reverb and sustain it will help you clear a path for a smoother transition in atmosphere. With the right tweaks this can be movie material sound. I enjoyed it.

Codefreq responds:

First off, thank you for taking the time to provide me with such a detailed critique. I know it isn't necessarily easy to go out of your way to write such a lengthy review.

Second, while I appreciate the suggestions to use effects, the dryness was deliberate. This was done primarily for two reasons:

1: I tried invoke the feeling of a scary part of a nightmare where a so-called "jump scare" wakes me up. Having different effects may invoke a "classic horror" style, but personally my nightmares don't work that way.

2: No piece of music has ever scared me more than the piece titled, "Omen Of The Bloody Moon", from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which is also rather dry. I tried to mimic the feeling I got from that piece (not to be confused with the technical aspects, I'm talking strictly about the vibe here) when I made this song. I also tried to get the feeling of uneasiness to come across with the complementing artwork.

The bigger point is not just creating scary music, but creating music that drastically changes the initial vibe of the artwork that the music goes with.

That said, I'll keep your suggestions in mind.

Thank you for your positive feedback as well. I don't think it should go unnoticed. :)

By the way, I gave your piece a listen. It's certainly a different approach than mine, but there's more than one way to go about making something scary.

A lot of your work can spring into something more. I do feel like there is potential though you should try and render your work rather than record it. Try FL Studio and you'll see how much better it can be. Otherwise you have a follow for now. Hope to see more.

Review for Review I honestly think this is great. I get a lot of Dexter's Laboratory vibes coming from the chorus. Specifically the start has a nice flow but I do feel like that vocal entrance was a bit held too long. maybe a little less reverb on that one. When it gets to 1:08 that's when the Dex Lab feels hit strong. I would have liked to hear some nice wobbles there though. Maybe a mega saw drop could have been nice. The interlude comes in at 1:37 and that really calms the chain flow and gives your listeners some time to breath. Starting at 2:04 to 2:32 seemed shorter than the beginning verse which just seems better that way and then the drop hits and I liked it but it also felt dry on variety.

In conclusion to this review I like it and it's an interesting combo of dark but chill melodies that really shows the uniqueness of the song. My only complaints are variety like drops and SFX that could have given it a little more umph. Keep it up though! I lkike your style!

NoStereo responds:

Wow dexter's lab, that's an old one. Thanks for the great review!

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Nice one! Love stuff like this!

DanielGalaxy712 responds:

Thanks you . Glad what you love this :)

oh my god! This is so beautiful! Kamikaye seriously I love this so much! The colors are jaw dropping and the light wisps that swirl around it is just amazing. I wanna cry a little because it's gorgeous. Will always be my favorite artist on here <3

Kamikaye responds:

Aww thank you ! :) This encourages me to do a bit more 3D stuff !

Why so nervous? This came out great! I like how you were able to manipulate my words into art. Two towers and a blinding light in the center. I like the design of both towers and the emitting colors as well. The white background fits perfectly with the whole concept as well as the small traditional line work for the ground coverage of this piece. Though I feel like the lighting for the top of this piece could have been a little less obtrusive and the line work could have had a little more detail for coverage it's still a pretty sick work of art which in that case if you are still allowing me to use it for the upcoming single I will still be more than happy to use it and credit you for it. Great job Daniel!

Edit: I'll also title the song "Kamikoto" in your honor. I like that! ^.^

DanielGalaxy712 responds:

Wow! 2 weeks of waiting and here's your opinion. I am very glad that you liked it and thank you for naming the track after the picture - it's nice :). And yes, I fully authorize the use of this picture, but this is just for you. I wait this track 😄

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