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Okay so... I'm gonna just stop you right there. You made me sad, confused and burst with laughter. This was just too good. I honestly lost it with the exploding of the nose. This reminds me of Adult Swim content haha.

I have so many questions HAHA this was funny asf

Brought me back to Berserker animation style or something more comic like. I loved this!

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DAMN IT LARRY!!! This game sucks...I LOVE IT! LMFAO!!!

P.S. Took me like 20 minutes raging trying to unlock the screen XD

larrynachos responds:

Thanks! Sorry you had to suffer through that

So I like this of course but it needs a lot of work before you can release it. Before I move on I thank you for using my music and you're welcome to as long as you credit me. So to start off;

The game does look very similar if not the same as Riddle Transfer which is a really hard way to go about because the animation as well as the storyline is equivalent to the original Riddle Transfer games. It holds some uniqeness in it's very own perspective but the originality isn't there and I'm afraid a lot of people including the original creator JonBro could flag the game for the consideration of stealing ideas or even copyright content and you wouldn't want that at all.

The game lacks much of what animation has to offer and the key features to an adventure point and click game are strongly ignored. As I've mentioned it needs a lot of effort to be a decent overall game. So I would definitely suggest trying something different. You are able to use the same key elements of Riddle Transfer (like animation and imaging) but the setting, storyline, interactions, and concept need to all be changed. I would start with trying to find a different storyline. Take notes for yourself and see what you can come up with. As I've said the animation can easily be used but the storyline can be counted as plagiarism and can badly affect your reputation as a game designer or animator.

Once you've taken enough time to find originality to your game try to focus on character development and design. This is probably for the best since it can portray similar features to Riddle Transfer. Come up with a new unique and original character design that compliments the new theme. Once that's done head towards the next step; interactions.

Interactions allows the gaming community of Newgrounds to experience a different approach to point and click games as well as interesting puzzles to solve. Work on dialogue and personality to achieve this. The more interactions and puzzles you have the more you gain the players attention towards completing the game. Don't make it impossible but make it hard enough to challenge their minds.

Lastly remember that everyone has their own style of animation and gaming. While this is the most basic of animations it's also not as original as others because of the repetition of overly used sketches. The more time you spend in development the better the game looks and plays out. This is no different than creating art or producing music similar to another artists. It would be like copying someone else's work but in your own eyes it seems okay. Be you're own original creator, make something that people haven't seen yet. The more original you are with your work the more people will become interested in trying it out.

It's all about time, development, and originality. This is just a wall you need to break through. Keep sampling different scenarios and develop a game that will blow peoples minds. I wish you luck and all the best!

In the words of the great Alan Watts " I'm not trying to put you down. It's an expression of you as you are". - Alan Watts

Teckmo-X <3

Definitely an awesome game! It reminds me of Black series but without the stickman levels. This is a time water for sure and it got me hooked. It's addictive, like cocaine....I don't do cocaine lol. It's a good game so 5 stars.

P.S. No I don't do that :P

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Wow honestly speechless well let me just start by saying that THIS is really awesome! It reminds me of the earlier years of Newgrounds when VGM and 8Bit were really at an all time high. The piano part at 0:50 is nice and less reverb than the way I did it but it's satisfying. 1:43 the partial interlude definitely gives off that same melody progression. This is really cool! I am flattered to hear from your DM's that I've inspired you to make music. Keep doing what you're doing and one day you will achieve your dreams and goals. Who knows maybe in the future we can collaborate with each other. I'm always looking to connect with artists.

philRacoIndie responds:

ty ty ty!!

It brings me back to Castlevania. I like that synth organ kinda like a church organ. At 20 seconds where it comes in with that bass is really nice. I like the deepness of it. The composition is new to me since I haven't worked with that type of genre or at least not as much as I used to but I like how video game it sounds. At 1:49 or like the main chorus of this song I felt like the drums were a bit too high. The kick especially had too much bass and release on it aside from the major boost in gains. It could do with some compression or some processing to help find that right tone. You can even use an equalizer which would help balance your high pass and low pass giving it a more crisp kick drum. You also have the option of skipping processing and simply adding some noise background to give it that really nice 8bit kick effect. Aside from percussion and lack of equalization I think you have something going on here. You seem to have a keen mind for making compositions which is a plus and like I said I'm not big on this sort of sound but you're managing it quite nicely. Work on your percussion and mixing/mastering and you should be fine. Also along the way you'll learn new stuff which will help you progress even further within the world of sound.

Some other advice for the future would be to maximize your understanding of oscillators. They are the main key for making video game music. 4/5 for me Keep Up!

Okay I'm really liking this one. I would say my favorite part of this is the start to finish. I never collaborated with an artist before but I'd love to work on a remix of this with you. We can do a drum & bass type of thing or if you want we can even get down to electronic dance or dubstep. I feel this vibe way too much.

ChronoNomad responds:

Ayyy, Teck! Always a pleasure to see a review from you. :D

Wait, did you say that your favorite part is, like...basically...the entire song? Haha, that's entirely too awesome of you. And very much appreciated. It's definitely been a hot minute since my last collab, but I'm totally down for a Teckmo-X remix on this puppy. I think it would sound sweet in any one of those genres, though I've admittedly never really done much in the way of Dubstep myself.

What more can I say? Vibe on, my friend. VIBE. ON.

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Hey this looks absolutely awesome! I'm gonna use this for AIM with your permission!

Kamikaye responds:

Thx :) Sure, go ahead ! Good luck in the contest ! :)

I Love This So Much!!! <3

Kamikaye responds:

THanks a lot ! :)

OMG I think I'm about to fall in love with a new artist! I have a huge love and appreciation for cyberpunk material and art like this is awesome. I love that it's a gif rather than just a sketch or painting. Do synthetics deserve rights? Yes, 100% do! Loving your work! Let's get more!!! <3

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