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My Feelings, Getting Back to Work, and The Newgrounds Community!

Posted by Teckmo-X - February 3rd, 2019

Good morning everyone! It's time I get back to business. Last post was mentioning my inability to make or create music of any kind. I was upset with the outcome of finding out that I had erased my only version of FL Studio I had from back in the day. Frustration and depression had gotten the best of me. I deal with it quite often but I have been making progress of my own and getting back to my roots. My mind is a bit more fresh from last time and I am doing better than how I was before. With that being said I'd like to thank you for kind words from the lot of people including @ChronoNomad for kind words of enlightenment. With that out of the way it's time to get back to where I left off 


Making Music Again!

So in the long run of having sold my computer almost a year ago and not having a version of FL Studio to use for that purpose I have found some light along the way that came as a surprise. In an old backed up Flash Drive I had a version of FL Studio 12.0.2 still intact. I didn't know if it would exactly work because ImageLine had stated that all pirated programs will no longer be available to use. However, with some luck I tried it on a 9 year old HP Pavilion G Series Notebook I had lying around and thankfully after restoring it to it's original factory reset it works without any issue. The processor handles it quite well and with the 4Gb of memory at my disposal it'll allow me to work with multiple tracks at once. Needless to say I'm back to making music for the first time after a year. I have been playing around with it to remember how to go about it since the interface is different for FL12 rather than my usual FL11. So far I have 2 songs I'm working on and I'll be releasing one soon enough. Next I'd like to talk about the community.


Making Time for Followers!

So I did mention that last time I wasnted to work on my ability to seek and review some of my followers and those who I follow. I do get busy from time to time and it does make it difficult for me to keep my word on it. I do find some interesting soundtracks around the audio portal and I take a liking to them in the long run of listening to it. Some of my favorite listens recently go to;

Some of my favorite artists still making music gives me motivation to do so myself. Getting back on track won't be as easy as I'd think but with some effort and support from my fellow Newgrounders I can proceed to making new, better music. 


Hope things have been good for everyone and that I get to participate in music contests and work with others like in the past. A warm hello from the other side, this is Tech, I'm getting back to work! #timeforchange #music #techmo-x 

P.S. I will be changing my name on here soon as follows; 

A.K.G. Rye 

My full name is Elise Lilium Rye for those who are curious so I'll be using my last name for identitiy purposes.




Techmo-X / A.K.G. Rye <3                  






Glad to hear that you like Onward Refresh. :)

Hope your music-making journey will go nicely. ^_^

I love your music! I've shuffled through some of them dancing my butt off haha! Really hope my journey goes well thank you! Hopefully more EDM stuff this year!