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A Work In Progress; Song Submission Revealed! A.I.M. Contest Fired Up!

Posted by Teckmo-X - April 27th, 2019

So I've been pretty bad, so bad that I make the cats look bad :P Okay I haven't been THAT bad but let's just say I'm about to be bad. Say I ACCIDENTALLY made a post about a song submission for the A.I.M. Contest. What if I told you I ACCIDENTALLY revealed the name of ONE of the 2 songs I'm submitting to the A.I.M. Contest!?!?

Dad: Telling Lies!!!!

Me: NO PAPA!!!!! NO!!!!!


So breaking it down I've been working hard on my first submission for the A.I.M. Contest and it's so far coming out good but it definitely needs more work. Now of course I'm always releasing a sweet demo of my work from time to time but THIS TIME I'll refrain from doing so because it's a surprise. I will however mention 3 leaks about the first song;

  • The name of my first song for the A.I.M. Contest is called "Supernova".
  • The song will be a progressive trance soundtrack with a crispy climax for your crispy taste buds.
  • It is the second most worked song aside "Clockworks".

I hope you're all happy. Now you know a little bit about my first submission. This is without spoilers and will definitely be one of my favorite pieces to work on for sure. I've been working so hard on it that I had almost completely forgot to release "Virtual World" which if you haven't heard the demo yet here's a link;

Now back to working on that song of my and in the meantime listen to some of my recent work for an idea of what to expect for the A.I.M. Contest. I'd say both submissions will be closely related to the tracks below;

I can't wait to show you guys what I have up my sleeve! I would also like to wish all the other contestants for the A.I.M. Contest as well as hopefully getting a chance to compete against some of my favorite artists such as @MrKoolTrix, @5tanley, @Seprix, @midimachine, @Waterflame, @F-777, and @Zechnition! A good luck and wish for the best you guys! Really I hope I get to listen to some of your work for the contest and if you haven't joined in yet please do!!! (^.^)b

Teckmo-X <3




Its a little late to comment now, but it means a lot to me to be associated with such amazing artists! I put AIM on my calendar and nearly participated until life got in the way :/ ... Hope to see you past the first round in NGADM or NGAUC!

I am working on some stuff for sure. I I'm really glad I get to connect with some of the artists on Newgrounds. It also means a lot to me to hear from fellow artists. I will do my best with the NGADM. I've been late on making stuff because of lack of hardware but I am back.

Teck <3