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Making The Schedule Work w/ More News!

Posted by Teckmo-X - March 14th, 2016

So I've been on Newground for quite some time now and I like where I'm going with my stuff. I'm not the most popular person on here and I'm not really the best producer because I know that a girl like myself can't just be all that good with music. So I've been thinking anyways about making a schedule. Now this is horrible of me to not even have noticed it at first hand but I haven't been the best sport out there and checked a lot of your new work everyone, including some that are posted when I am available and this makes me feel horrible. So I had the day to think how I can take the time to look at your stuff. Schedules sound quite nicely doesn't it? Well? 

Here's what it will go by;

  • [Monday - Friday] -> I'll be working with my own music and finishing up important flaws that might need to be fixed. 
  • [Saturdays] -> On these days I'll be posting new music ( 2 uploads each month) mostly a loop mid-month and a brand new song by the end of the month or the last Saturday of each month.
  • [Sundays] -> On these days I'll have spent about 3-4 hours looking over everyones uploads and give them rightful props for their submissions. I'll review them as needed of course but I'm not gonna be a b***h about what you upload. I' ve heard, seen, and played some of your creations and I want to help you gain what I gain. 

I only see that it's a fair schedule since I get to make music from the time of my week days after work and on the weekends I look over your awesome works. 


Note: There is one important notice. Because of the probable amount of of stuff you guys uploaded, it will take me some time to check all of them. There is no skips, everyone will be rated and reviewed to raise your meters high and above. 


-Other News-

  • I'm working on a new song that will be released: Saturday, the 2nd of April. 
  • Exciting new themes to go by.


This was yours truly as always, 

Tech <3