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Stomach Flu = Bad Week [ Other News ]

Posted by Teckmo-X - April 11th, 2016

So it appears that I've been hit, I've been hit hard. *sigh* it seems I've contracted a bit of a stomach flu and it's very painful. I honestly don't know how I was able to write this new post really. I'm crying right now :'( I'm trying to keep it strong but it's just painful and all I can do is take an Advil that just seems to calm everything for 2-3 hours but after that it's back to bed. Anyways let's do this quick before I collapse from internal bleeding. 


So it's been a hassle for me to go through all your submissions boys and girls. Not because it's boring. I actually enjoy looking at all of the stuff you guys make but it's bothersome to try and review everything at once so instead I made a new schedule. It's as follows;

[ Uploading Original Music ]

  • Loops will be made during the first week of every month along with the new song of the month.
  • Loops will be released every second Saturday of every month to come. 
  • Full songs will be worked on the entire month from Monday-Fridays. Songs will be released every last Saturday of the month to the first Saturday of every month ( Depending on Calender )

[ Portal Watch ] 

I will now be going over Portals for both Audio and Art *Excluding Animation* to check out some new people I might find insteresting. I'll be looking at content for the first 5 pages of both Audio and Art Portals every Saturday and Sunday. 

* Note: This includes criticing on the lastest Audio and Art submitted to on Newgrounds. *

[ Friendly Critic ]

I like looking at new stuff that people I follow and like have new on their portals. I'll be giving my honest and truthful opinions and advice. 

  • Saturday's and Sunday's from 7:00 - 10:00pm (Eastern Time Zone, Pacific ) I'll be looking at some of the new stuff you guys add to the portal. 
  • Instead of focusing on everything you guys make I'll instead be concentrating on the stuff you guys mainly upload. 
  • Critic will be upon your New Uploads Only! If you wish to have something else reviewed, please just mention it on the comments down below with a link. 
  • Only 1 review per week.

I think this is fair considering that I've got many things going for me everyday like work and responabilites of sorts. Don't worry, I won't forget to do so, so don't stress much. I'll go through everyone before I'm done. Well now I'll have to go and lay down for a bit. I'm starting to feel it coming back again so until next time lovelies <3


Tech <3