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It's Broken! This Is NOT Helping At All!!!

Posted by Teckmo-X - June 12th, 2016

So Terrible news guys. It seems that we have had a tragic event happening around the world. The shooting of a Colorado gay nightclub which involved the killing of what I believe 50 and 53 injured. Me being a lesbian makes me feel tortured to know that people can't accept LGBT the way they are. It's a sad time and I pray for those who have suffered the loss of their loved ones and that the injured continue to live on. 


In other news which is also terrible I am typing from my wireless keyboard and mouse. Yeah apparently my mouse kinda did a die and it's currently not working so I need a new one. I'm trying so hard to work with this keyboard to use Fruity Loops but it's a hassle. Nevertheless almost done with my song. After I get my new mouse I'll start uploading it on here. 

And in other, other news. I'm trying to see if I can put my guitar parts on here. It's not working so well. Maybe I should have checked out some videos to see how I can do this but I'm gonna lay back and finish up on some things first. 


Tech <3

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That was sad, hearing that shit on the news. That's what I woke up to.
The opposite of love should be indifference. Don't like something? That's fine, just try not to give a fuck. It's what I do every day.
As for guitar parts, are you playing on an electric guitar? If so, I might be able to help, especially if it's a recording issue. If it's an issue with FL... I dunno, best PM me.

Yeah I woke up to the same thing as well. And the guitar stuff I'm just trying to learn how to record it really. I've seen some things on youtube but it's tricky on my end.

Recording with a guitar? Microphone jack. You'll need an adapter to go from the giant headphone jack to the regular sized one. Then one of those cables that has a headphone plug on both ends. Your recording may end up being left channel only, but just set it to mono, either with Audacity, or dfx monomaker if you're recording it in your DAW.

Awesome! Thank you for the advice. I'll look into it. Again thank you.

EDIT: the trick below is for electric guitar or electric acoustic. Dunno what to do if it's a straight up acoustic guitar.

Yeah just electric

Never a problem. I helped Ritz190 (a metal artist on NG) with the same thing years ago.