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Going Back A Chapter

Posted by Teckmo-X - June 20th, 2016

So a while ago for one of my songs I got reviewed on it. The song was practically simple and not much needed to make it sound like something a DJ would make. Now I thought the song came out pretty good and a lot of people liked it too however it's a harsh penalty for receiving a 2 star rating review when your song isn't terrible at all. Now I just want to explain more on what I do and how I make it because some people lljust don't get what music is about. 


Now I'm a simple girl who spends her time working for the most part and on free times I get to finish little segments of my new songs I'm making. I spend hours trying to add all I can and make all my songs sound good. I admit it, I'm not the best with making a drum beat but I'm good at making the main parts of leads and rhythms. So as I mentioned I got a 2 star rated review because I didn't use enough drums and I didn't add what the guy suggested as a "Proper Bassline" not to mention pointed out that everything was everywhere. Finally finishing his review with adding that my song was dull. Now just to make this clear, just because I don't make Dubstep or and heavy genre specific music, DOES NOT mean that it's trash. All my songs include high rises and falls and I don't need much of a bassline because I'm already perfecting the rhythm and leads. So a quick simplified chart of what I do for most of my songs;


  1. I use 2-5 different leads in all my songs which sometimes goes from 3-7. Not specific leads are usually blended with the rest of the leads to prevent overiding the actual lead parts which is 2-3. 
  2. My rhythm parts are mostly centered on what my lead sounds like. My rhythm parts come in 2-4 which can include either a bassline, orchestral, strings, etc. 
  3. When I'm working/ concentrating on only my rhythms and leads I don't add much of a beat since I like my songs simple. When I do decide to add a specific beat I look it up throughout my folders and try to replicate it using different kicks and snares. I usually add more beat sequences to drums and bass parts. 
  4. All my songs fall within the specified genres; Chillstep, Drums & Bass, Drumstep Chipstep, Chiptune, EVGM, Techno, 8-Bit Trance, and rarely Dubstep. 
  5. My music is specific to my taste in sounds. I make music with whatever I get. What I have is what I have and if it sounds good I continue to work with it.


My point is that not everyone has the same taste in music. We all see and hear it in different tones. Music don't have to be whatever the music industry tells us it has to be, music has to be purely something that comes from the heart itself. You don't think when you make music, you just make it. You don't second guess yourself on whether you should take the risk or not, you go for it. In your world, your mind, music is whatever you want it to be and if it means making something that no one has listened to before, then that's where you have to go from. Love music the way you hear it. 


Tech <3

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