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Stepping Into Darkness...A New Beginning....

Posted by Teckmo-X - October 6th, 2017

I've been having a few problems with myself that need to be dealed with nust I just need time to do so. After the NGADM drop right before the quarter finals I had time to myself and became distant. I didn't care about anything else not even music. I tried to come up with new material but it all didn't seem right. I put my laptop away and walked away. I fell into an abyss of pure dark depression that not even I myself can describe but the feeling was as ever the same, always contemplating my next move. It was hard and till this day it still eats me alive slowly. I've found myself not wanting anything else but to just sit in the shroud of darkness that would block my life. I sat there with my arms crossed, my legs tucked, and my head down. Not a whisper, not a sound.... I eventually had to look up and there I found the stars. Staring at each one glittering up high. I hadn't recall a thing about it but I knoew that it was miles from me. I remembered that stars arent too far from where I stood. I could still reach up and touch the sky if I wanted to. I picked myself up and began doing what I do most, make music. I tried and tried and tried but nothing came to mind, nothing happy like my usual work. That's when I chose a different path. I've been working on cinematic music for sometime after the inspiration of Nier: Automata's Original Sound Track. Every song had some sort of feeling to it. But The influence, the motivation came from a long time favorite group " E.S. Posthumus". Music that had a rather ancient tonality. Needless to say I am back with new content but it will take a while. As an advance warning: All the work I release up until November will be a collaboration for a video game in the works therefore downloads will not be permitted and nor will embeds. Please understand that more music will come but first I must get myself together. I hope I have the support from my fellow Newgrounders to continue on with the music making process.




You will always have my support, and I wish all you the best.


Always rest when you feel burned out. Come back when you are ready. Don't rush it.

November I'll be on again with new stuff