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I Love This So Much!!! <3

Kamikaye responds:

THanks a lot ! :)

OMG I think I'm about to fall in love with a new artist! I have a huge love and appreciation for cyberpunk material and art like this is awesome. I love that it's a gif rather than just a sketch or painting. Do synthetics deserve rights? Yes, 100% do! Loving your work! Let's get more!!! <3

I love your art. I've been a fan for as long as I can remember. I've used some of your work when we collabed for Art Inspired Music Contest. Your art is so good. I see it and every time I click on it I immediately get a Drum & Bass feeling. Hope we can Collab again in the future! Keep it up Kamikaye!

Kamikaye responds:

Thanks you so much ! :) This means a lot to me ! Yea I remember, I hope so too !

I love this! It looks awesome! Hey I don't have a logo yet for my name but could you do something like this for me but with my name? Something planetary and alien but also visceral that stands out? Hell I'll pay you for your work too. I just really like the concept of this and how it came out. Let's talk! AYE!!!!!! 5/5 Stars

Woah! This is boss!

Starkiteckt responds:

Thank you!

Oof this is boss asf!

ooki responds:

many thanks!

This is awesome!

So I've been following your work from a distance and I keep seeing a lot of character designs. Are you making a video game or something? It just looks like everything is unique. I love it!

This is pure badass!

I am loving this! I'm a huge fan of pixel art so this is just jawdropping! Awesome work!

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