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DAMN IT LARRY!!! This game sucks...I LOVE IT! LMFAO!!!

P.S. Took me like 20 minutes raging trying to unlock the screen XD

larrynachos responds:

Thanks! Sorry you had to suffer through that

So I like this of course but it needs a lot of work before you can release it. Before I move on I thank you for using my music and you're welcome to as long as you credit me. So to start off;

The game does look very similar if not the same as Riddle Transfer which is a really hard way to go about because the animation as well as the storyline is equivalent to the original Riddle Transfer games. It holds some uniqeness in it's very own perspective but the originality isn't there and I'm afraid a lot of people including the original creator JonBro could flag the game for the consideration of stealing ideas or even copyright content and you wouldn't want that at all.

The game lacks much of what animation has to offer and the key features to an adventure point and click game are strongly ignored. As I've mentioned it needs a lot of effort to be a decent overall game. So I would definitely suggest trying something different. You are able to use the same key elements of Riddle Transfer (like animation and imaging) but the setting, storyline, interactions, and concept need to all be changed. I would start with trying to find a different storyline. Take notes for yourself and see what you can come up with. As I've said the animation can easily be used but the storyline can be counted as plagiarism and can badly affect your reputation as a game designer or animator.

Once you've taken enough time to find originality to your game try to focus on character development and design. This is probably for the best since it can portray similar features to Riddle Transfer. Come up with a new unique and original character design that compliments the new theme. Once that's done head towards the next step; interactions.

Interactions allows the gaming community of Newgrounds to experience a different approach to point and click games as well as interesting puzzles to solve. Work on dialogue and personality to achieve this. The more interactions and puzzles you have the more you gain the players attention towards completing the game. Don't make it impossible but make it hard enough to challenge their minds.

Lastly remember that everyone has their own style of animation and gaming. While this is the most basic of animations it's also not as original as others because of the repetition of overly used sketches. The more time you spend in development the better the game looks and plays out. This is no different than creating art or producing music similar to another artists. It would be like copying someone else's work but in your own eyes it seems okay. Be you're own original creator, make something that people haven't seen yet. The more original you are with your work the more people will become interested in trying it out.

It's all about time, development, and originality. This is just a wall you need to break through. Keep sampling different scenarios and develop a game that will blow peoples minds. I wish you luck and all the best!

In the words of the great Alan Watts " I'm not trying to put you down. It's an expression of you as you are". - Alan Watts

Teckmo-X <3

Definitely an awesome game! It reminds me of Black series but without the stickman levels. This is a time water for sure and it got me hooked. It's addictive, like cocaine....I don't do cocaine lol. It's a good game so 5 stars.

P.S. No I don't do that :P

Aside from the fact that my song is in it as you sent me a link to it I was like umm okay. Then I started playing it and it felt so slow. I got to round 30 and I saw the difference really soon. I was immediately hyped when I got to round 50 and I almost got it but the boss passed through and I was like "NOOOO"!!!!! Overall a simple fun but addictive tower defense game in my opinion. Hell I'll be playing it again more often to kill time. 2 months well done and worth!

Wombart responds:

Happy you finally enjoyed it !

This game is literally a time waster. Very simple but can leave you minutes if not an hour trying to find that key. Good game and would have been 5 stars for me but the game seems to have so much going on that it lags really hard. Maybe could have done with some tone downs here and there for performance improvement. By the way- I'm running an FX-8350 so there shouldn't be lag like so.

I kinda like this. and retro-styled rpg. It's simple but it could have done with some more content. Firstly I did think that the whole screen shaking was unnecessary but it gave a small vibe to the story. The cut scene transitions were a bit long in seconds to as a supposed fast paced rpg read about. I think you should do something else with the smae elements here but try to minimize certain things like slowness of the game. Good job on the other hand.

Had2Apps responds:

That is fautastic.

I'll be honest I was really curious why I kept getting notifications for this so when I clicked it I was mind blown. Lol my song is in a short dating sim XD. I won't lie though could have done with some more work into it but it was enjoyable.

StaticSkull responds:

Thanks so much :D

OMG this is so cute :3 Dying from the cuteness. I love this game now! It's adorable! <3

First off I'd like to say this is an interesting yet very self thought game. It takes brains to win this one and I barely had some haha. It took a while for me to find out how to get through the game because it's definitely pretty hard. I do like the animation though it's simple it's right on point. I also have to thank you for using "Clockworks". I started getting people coming to it and commenting on how the song was good and the game was great with the song. Everyone was like " I loved this on Riddle Transfer"! I was asking myself what was Riddle Transfer so I took to google and found it on here. It's a relief to play a game that contains a song that you made and to see it out there so I really thank you for this opportunity you gave me and of course everyone else as well. I also thank you for bringing the community an awesome game to play and I hope after I share this link my friends start to play this too. Arigatogozaimashite! Kudos!

I loved playing this game here and around. Learn To Fly was really addictive back in the old days. Honestly though I don't see the same concept anymore. The objective of the game is to get to the moon or as high as you can get. I seem to lose my interest at some point due to how the game has changed. With customizable features, new layout to items. The shops has more to buy from. I think the game could have done a little batter though. I also seem to not get what the point of things in the game seem to be on. The game is great and I love the mix and match stuff but I'm not one who likes the game. Everything about it is great except the amount of stuff needed to buy in the game is way too much

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