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Teckmo-X's News

Posted by Teckmo-X - January 5th, 2020

Before I get to the Entree I'd like to wish the community a Happy New Years and Hope the Holidays were good for everyone! I know that it get's hectic and busy for everyone so most of everyone is away from Newgrounds during that time and I'm a bit late on it be oh well. As busy as I get I have made some progress during that time so without further to do let's get started on the main topic... PIXEL DAY 2020!!!

It's literally one of my favorite times of the years because Pixel Day isn't just a competitive ground for present and emerging artists but it's like our very own holiday here at Newgrounds. I know that my ability to make music varies but I was only able to achieve higher ground because of my style of music. I can make all sorts of things but when it comes to 8-bit or chiptune type of music I rule in that field. My combination of modern sounds fused with old school tech effects makes for great ideas and amazing creations. So without haste I'l like to announce my participation for Pixel Day and that you can expect a new soundtrack out in the following weeks. Hard work is being put into it for sure and I think you all will enjoy the sweet tunes I'll be launching out soon. For now I can't release any demos but rest assured, it's worth the wait.

Aside from Pixel Day 2020 I will be committing to releasing at least one song every month for this year and by the end of it an album ready for everyone. Perhaps even before that time like summertime. Let's not get carried away yet. Pixel Day is afoot and I'm wasting no time with creating something fresh for the start of the year. Be ready, be prepared, and stay tuned for the latest.

Teck <3

P.S. I will be permanently changing my name soon so just be aware of that. Still procrastinating on a new name but if the community has any ideas to offer please DM me!


Posted by Teckmo-X - November 27th, 2019

Hey everyone Teckmo-X with some new updates on my profile and upcoming music!

I have been busy for the duration of the time with work and other reasons. With so much on my plate it's hard to continue working on music which is why nothing has been uploaded yet. I last worked on a song remix called "IO Aetheron" which was a remix of both @jimmypig original releases which you can check out via the link below;

Going on to the next subject; Music Uploads.

As I mentioned it's been a wild roller coaster my life is now so uploading takes some time. I'm currently working on music including a collab with @jimmypig himself but it is still in the works and not much has been done to it since. No preview will be available for the song so when it's done it will be directly uploaded on Newgrounds for sure! I'm also exploring new genres that I might excel at besides the usual chipstep and trance type of stuff. I'm mostly trying out Chillstep, Trap, Progressive trance, and all types of House music. It's a long way from where I stand but I'm working out the kinks.

In the meantime sit tight and remember to check for new stuff. I hope to upload a song soon starting in November to keep you guys busy and when New Years hit I'll definitely be back on a regular schedule rather than one that drives me crazy hehe.

Much Love,

Teck <3

P.S. I have been thinking of making a permanent name change. I know I changed it a couple of times but I think the new one will be better...or not. Only one way to find out really ^_^

Posted by Teckmo-X - October 5th, 2019

Hey everyone Teckmo-X with an important announcement. I understand that sometimes users wonder why there isn't a download button available. Allow me to explain.

In most cases a download button is unavailable to the public because of 3 reasons;

  1. The song/loop/sample is still a WIP (work in progress).
  2. The song/loop/sample contains third party samples
  3. The upload is part of an album and/or single to be released.

Sometimes this isn't always the case, especially with small samples I'm working on. The samples I have mentioned before is for the simple public to have an idea of what I'm working on or to share my work in hopes of getting advice for future creations. On rare occasions such as this one, these samples are being released while I work on bigger projects like the albums I'm working on for November. Once a song has been created these samples (along with the song) will become available for download and use towards Geometry Dash.

I thank you for your time and understanding and once a new song is release ( which will be soon) I will one by one release downloads for them.

Teckmo-X <3


Posted by Teckmo-X - September 26th, 2019

Samples will be uploaded tomorrow and you can let me know your thoughts for improvements!!!

Posted by Teckmo-X - September 10th, 2019

So I've noticed that I've been away from Newgrounds too often and I remember the good old days of when I made music and participated more in sharing with the Newgrounds community and that brings tears to my eyes because I also remembered the recognition I had with my fans and others who liked my music. I've been wanting to improve in my beat making process and the focus I've had has sort of opened eyes to me. I occasionally bounced from one artist to another and with @ParagonX9, @F-777, and @Waterflame being my source of inspiration here when I started is the reason I wanted to give music making a try.

Recently artists like @jimmypig, @5tanley, and many others have given me some light into my music making process and with the help of some of them I have been working on some new stuff not just on here but on my channels and video making process. With that I want to point out that I will not be making full songs for the meantime and will be concentrating on samples I make that maybe in the future will be added to Newgrounds as full songs.

So with the support of my fans and uprising artists here on Newgrounds I ask for your support during these hard times and advice through the samples I upload for clarity and improvements that can be made and adjusted to my music. I don't have a specific genre I operate on but rather a variety of different sounds that might very well be experimental towards my taste.

I'll be uploading samples about twice a week. Most of them will be centered on trance related genres but also rave material will be present in them. I hope I can someday reach the level of publicity I once had and share more of my content with the Newgrounds community and the rest of the world.




Posted by Teckmo-X - July 27th, 2019

The results are in! I made it into the 2019 AIM Album and it feels great! It was exciting to see all the cool music that everyone had to contribute and the amazing energy from each gave this contest life again for another year well done. Both my soundtracks ended up in the album. Sadly a disqualification had to be made in order for the second track to be published into the album but I know that whoever got disqualified will make it next time. So a huge thanks to our judges @Quarl and @JessieYun for judging the competition. @I0TA, @Ninjamuffin99, and @SplatterDash for providing contestants with a prize pool, and can't forget @Random-storykeeper for hosting and keeping this contest alive for another year. Next year will be epic I'm sure.

What's next you ask? Well the NGUAC is what.

"But Teckmo didn't you say you weren't gonna do another contest"? Yes, Yes I did but apparently I didn't notice that I submitted a song to the NGUAC until I got the results of the Knockout Round which I'm actually surprised I made it. It's a tough contest and with that I need to come up with better, creative, and more eargasmic music which is a challenge for me and has been for years but let's go!

So everyone knows I make music that provides a combination of modern and retro but I would like to take time to improve a specific genre that has had my heart tied since I was a little teeny tiny wittle baby thing haha...


So trance runs in my blood since I discovered one of the worlds if not the worlds popular DJ; Armin Van Buuren!

His music is lit might I say and he has more than a billion hours of performance and that includes the worlds biggest Trance festival; A State of Trance. I've slowly been making trance music and I do have a couple of samples for you guys but first I must decide which ones will I be using for the NGUAC Contest. It's a pretty big deal guys. Tough competition, amazing artists, advanced music techniques, etc it's gonna be a real fight. Two years ago I managed to make it just before the semi finals for the NGADM which ended with me falling out of place but that will not happen this time... or at least I think it won.. my point is it is time to throw some freaking beats out there. Trance is the next genre I want to work on and I hope to make use of vocals thanks to one of my favorite artists on here @Jimmypig who I have asked for help on particular vocal executions which btw Jimmypig I will have something to share once I figured things out haha it's been a while.

Well the news is out and the competition is just getting started. Soon we will find out WHO will be Newgrounds 2019 underdog of the NGUAC Contest. Stick around and follow my NG Account for more updates! Cao! <3



Posted by Teckmo-X - June 1st, 2019

I hope everyone has been working hard on their A.I.M. submissions. I'm sure it's been a long way coming since April 17 with nearly 2 months of constant beat making and recording everyone is almost ready for a release of their new songs. I'm actually not just excited for myself but for everyone else. I can't wait to listen to all the cool songs everyone has to share.

So an update on my work. Both Dimensions and Supernova are near complete and now the only thing remaining is mixing and mastering. A lot more work ahead of me but well worth the time and effort. Now while I work on the last bits for each I'll be looking around the art portal to use art from some artists that I found to be amazing and in terms fits the description of both songs. Anyone who might have a good art piece for me to feature along with my music feel free to D.M. me. The themes are as always space and retro. 8 bit and cosmic art pieces about space are a must for me. So far @Kamikaye has some interesting work that I'd fallen in love with that fits Supernova perfectly. On the other hand @Mace121 has a nice piece that caught my attention after looking at the new art portal submissions which I think is heart felt.

Hoping for an awesome exciting June 17 I am pumped and ready to submit soon.

Teckmo-X <3


Posted by Teckmo-X - May 24th, 2019

So with the A.I.M. Contest coming to an end soon I've decided to do a little community sharing. Starting Tomorrow and every Saturday I will be releasing little loop samples of different things I come up with. I feel like it would help others who specialize in certain genres to gain a little inspiration for their songs and help with compositions and structure. Genres will vary from Synthwave to Chiptune to anything goes. I'll be doing this till June 17 which is the end of the A.I.M. Contest. Hope you guys stick around for the first Sample Loop tomorrow 3pm Eastern Time.

Teckmo-X <3

Posted by Teckmo-X - May 16th, 2019

So After years of being on Newgrounds I'm happy with some of my work and the achievements that they've made. I unfortunately took a brief pause in music making after my computer broke down and my battle with depression and anxiety. These years have been a hell of a trip but with me finally being back I am now able to make new music and better too. Which is why I will be working on making more music but better of course. This means free downloads.

Now starting June 17 after the end of A.I.M. Contest I have decided to FULLY release downloads for songs people haven't been able to download. Of course this does not mean my work can just be used for your own liking. There are rules and restrictions to publishing out of Newgrounds.

Note: We musicians and producers work really hard to make the music we make today. Forgetting to credit us for the work we do gets us nowhere and people won't know it was us. Please don't forget to credit people for the music and creations they make. It's not cool :/ Say NO TO COPYRIGHT!!!!!!!

With that out of the way a new Album will be coming out for a list of songs I'm working on. No release dates have been established yet but I will be working hard on it and hopefully will be released lat this year before the holidays. More info on the upcoming album will be released after more is taken care of.

Hope you all have a good day and happy downloading...soon :)

Teckmo-X <3


Posted by Teckmo-X - May 12th, 2019

THE END IS NEAR, THE END IS NEAR!!!!! With basically half way through the A.I.M. Contest things are definitely going to fire up. Submissions are coming in, artists are finishing up most of their work, and anticipation awaits. I can't wait to see what everyone has in store for sure. This has been a second chance for me, an opportunity to create more music the way I used to only difference is I've been learning more along the way. Hoping to reach the status I once had. I have a lot of work done including over 13 samples to work with for my original work.

I'm not someone to leave people in the dark and I like giving little tiny hints around for my music since you know the urge to exploit my work. While I won't be releasing anything on her on Newgrounds there is however a little short sneak peak of something I've been working on as a side project. You can check it out via the link below for an upcoming single "Dimensions" that is due to release along side "Virtual World"


This sneak peak is sure to keep everyone on the edge of anticipation and wanting more. For now I wish everyone luck with their A.I.M. submissions in the hopes that their music makes it out there for the world to listen to. It's all about passion for what you love doing!

Teckmo-X <3