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Teckmo-X's News

Posted by Teckmo-X - September 10th, 2019

So I've noticed that I've been away from Newgrounds too often and I remember the good old days of when I made music and participated more in sharing with the Newgrounds community and that brings tears to my eyes because I also remembered the recognition I had with my fans and others who liked my music. I've been wanting to improve in my beat making process and the focus I've had has sort of opened eyes to me. I occasionally bounced from one artist to another and with @ParagonX9, @F-777, and @Waterflame being my source of inspiration here when I started is the reason I wanted to give music making a try.

Recently artists like @jimmypig, @5tanley, and many others have given me some light into my music making process and with the help of some of them I have been working on some new stuff not just on here but on my channels and video making process. With that I want to point out that I will not be making full songs for the meantime and will be concentrating on samples I make that maybe in the future will be added to Newgrounds as full songs.

So with the support of my fans and uprising artists here on Newgrounds I ask for your support during these hard times and advice through the samples I upload for clarity and improvements that can be made and adjusted to my music. I don't have a specific genre I operate on but rather a variety of different sounds that might very well be experimental towards my taste.

I'll be uploading samples about twice a week. Most of them will be centered on trance related genres but also rave material will be present in them. I hope I can someday reach the level of publicity I once had and share more of my content with the Newgrounds community and the rest of the world.




Posted by Teckmo-X - July 27th, 2019

The results are in! I made it into the 2019 AIM Album and it feels great! It was exciting to see all the cool music that everyone had to contribute and the amazing energy from each gave this contest life again for another year well done. Both my soundtracks ended up in the album. Sadly a disqualification had to be made in order for the second track to be published into the album but I know that whoever got disqualified will make it next time. So a huge thanks to our judges @Quarl and @JessieYun for judging the competition. @I0TA, @Ninjamuffin99, and @SplatterDash for providing contestants with a prize pool, and can't forget @Random-storykeeper for hosting and keeping this contest alive for another year. Next year will be epic I'm sure.

What's next you ask? Well the NGUAC is what.

"But Teckmo didn't you say you weren't gonna do another contest"? Yes, Yes I did but apparently I didn't notice that I submitted a song to the NGUAC until I got the results of the Knockout Round which I'm actually surprised I made it. It's a tough contest and with that I need to come up with better, creative, and more eargasmic music which is a challenge for me and has been for years but let's go!

So everyone knows I make music that provides a combination of modern and retro but I would like to take time to improve a specific genre that has had my heart tied since I was a little teeny tiny wittle baby thing haha...


So trance runs in my blood since I discovered one of the worlds if not the worlds popular DJ; Armin Van Buuren!

His music is lit might I say and he has more than a billion hours of performance and that includes the worlds biggest Trance festival; A State of Trance. I've slowly been making trance music and I do have a couple of samples for you guys but first I must decide which ones will I be using for the NGUAC Contest. It's a pretty big deal guys. Tough competition, amazing artists, advanced music techniques, etc it's gonna be a real fight. Two years ago I managed to make it just before the semi finals for the NGADM which ended with me falling out of place but that will not happen this time... or at least I think it won.. my point is it is time to throw some freaking beats out there. Trance is the next genre I want to work on and I hope to make use of vocals thanks to one of my favorite artists on here @Jimmypig who I have asked for help on particular vocal executions which btw Jimmypig I will have something to share once I figured things out haha it's been a while.

Well the news is out and the competition is just getting started. Soon we will find out WHO will be Newgrounds 2019 underdog of the NGUAC Contest. Stick around and follow my NG Account for more updates! Cao! <3



Posted by Teckmo-X - June 1st, 2019

I hope everyone has been working hard on their A.I.M. submissions. I'm sure it's been a long way coming since April 17 with nearly 2 months of constant beat making and recording everyone is almost ready for a release of their new songs. I'm actually not just excited for myself but for everyone else. I can't wait to listen to all the cool songs everyone has to share.

So an update on my work. Both Dimensions and Supernova are near complete and now the only thing remaining is mixing and mastering. A lot more work ahead of me but well worth the time and effort. Now while I work on the last bits for each I'll be looking around the art portal to use art from some artists that I found to be amazing and in terms fits the description of both songs. Anyone who might have a good art piece for me to feature along with my music feel free to D.M. me. The themes are as always space and retro. 8 bit and cosmic art pieces about space are a must for me. So far @Kamikaye has some interesting work that I'd fallen in love with that fits Supernova perfectly. On the other hand @Mace121 has a nice piece that caught my attention after looking at the new art portal submissions which I think is heart felt.

Hoping for an awesome exciting June 17 I am pumped and ready to submit soon.

Teckmo-X <3


Posted by Teckmo-X - May 24th, 2019

So with the A.I.M. Contest coming to an end soon I've decided to do a little community sharing. Starting Tomorrow and every Saturday I will be releasing little loop samples of different things I come up with. I feel like it would help others who specialize in certain genres to gain a little inspiration for their songs and help with compositions and structure. Genres will vary from Synthwave to Chiptune to anything goes. I'll be doing this till June 17 which is the end of the A.I.M. Contest. Hope you guys stick around for the first Sample Loop tomorrow 3pm Eastern Time.

Teckmo-X <3

Posted by Teckmo-X - May 16th, 2019

So After years of being on Newgrounds I'm happy with some of my work and the achievements that they've made. I unfortunately took a brief pause in music making after my computer broke down and my battle with depression and anxiety. These years have been a hell of a trip but with me finally being back I am now able to make new music and better too. Which is why I will be working on making more music but better of course. This means free downloads.

Now starting June 17 after the end of A.I.M. Contest I have decided to FULLY release downloads for songs people haven't been able to download. Of course this does not mean my work can just be used for your own liking. There are rules and restrictions to publishing out of Newgrounds.

Note: We musicians and producers work really hard to make the music we make today. Forgetting to credit us for the work we do gets us nowhere and people won't know it was us. Please don't forget to credit people for the music and creations they make. It's not cool :/ Say NO TO COPYRIGHT!!!!!!!

With that out of the way a new Album will be coming out for a list of songs I'm working on. No release dates have been established yet but I will be working hard on it and hopefully will be released lat this year before the holidays. More info on the upcoming album will be released after more is taken care of.

Hope you all have a good day and happy downloading...soon :)

Teckmo-X <3


Posted by Teckmo-X - May 12th, 2019

THE END IS NEAR, THE END IS NEAR!!!!! With basically half way through the A.I.M. Contest things are definitely going to fire up. Submissions are coming in, artists are finishing up most of their work, and anticipation awaits. I can't wait to see what everyone has in store for sure. This has been a second chance for me, an opportunity to create more music the way I used to only difference is I've been learning more along the way. Hoping to reach the status I once had. I have a lot of work done including over 13 samples to work with for my original work.

I'm not someone to leave people in the dark and I like giving little tiny hints around for my music since you know the urge to exploit my work. While I won't be releasing anything on her on Newgrounds there is however a little short sneak peak of something I've been working on as a side project. You can check it out via the link below for an upcoming single "Dimensions" that is due to release along side "Virtual World"


This sneak peak is sure to keep everyone on the edge of anticipation and wanting more. For now I wish everyone luck with their A.I.M. submissions in the hopes that their music makes it out there for the world to listen to. It's all about passion for what you love doing!

Teckmo-X <3

Posted by Teckmo-X - April 27th, 2019

So I've been pretty bad, so bad that I make the cats look bad :P Okay I haven't been THAT bad but let's just say I'm about to be bad. Say I ACCIDENTALLY made a post about a song submission for the A.I.M. Contest. What if I told you I ACCIDENTALLY revealed the name of ONE of the 2 songs I'm submitting to the A.I.M. Contest!?!?

Dad: Telling Lies!!!!

Me: NO PAPA!!!!! NO!!!!!


So breaking it down I've been working hard on my first submission for the A.I.M. Contest and it's so far coming out good but it definitely needs more work. Now of course I'm always releasing a sweet demo of my work from time to time but THIS TIME I'll refrain from doing so because it's a surprise. I will however mention 3 leaks about the first song;

  • The name of my first song for the A.I.M. Contest is called "Supernova".
  • The song will be a progressive trance soundtrack with a crispy climax for your crispy taste buds.
  • It is the second most worked song aside "Clockworks".

I hope you're all happy. Now you know a little bit about my first submission. This is without spoilers and will definitely be one of my favorite pieces to work on for sure. I've been working so hard on it that I had almost completely forgot to release "Virtual World" which if you haven't heard the demo yet here's a link;

Now back to working on that song of my and in the meantime listen to some of my recent work for an idea of what to expect for the A.I.M. Contest. I'd say both submissions will be closely related to the tracks below;

I can't wait to show you guys what I have up my sleeve! I would also like to wish all the other contestants for the A.I.M. Contest as well as hopefully getting a chance to compete against some of my favorite artists such as @MrKoolTrix, @5tanley, @Seprix, @midimachine, @Waterflame, @F-777, and @Zechnition! A good luck and wish for the best you guys! Really I hope I get to listen to some of your work for the contest and if you haven't joined in yet please do!!! (^.^)b

Teckmo-X <3



Posted by Teckmo-X - April 12th, 2019

I can not tell you how excited I am to finally be able to take part in this years A.I.M. Contest that I have waited so long for. 2 Years ago I managed to win a spot in the A.I.M. 2017 Album which was more than enough exciting and well worth any prize. Last year however sadly I had no access to a computer to work on one but today that will all change. I have already begun making a new song for the A.I.M. Contest and now it'll take some time to come up with a complete rendered, mixed, and well mastered track. I have the idea and now it's off to the studio. I hope to see many if not all of Newgrounds artists take part in such a yearly event and I'm looking forward to seeing submissions from @MrKoolTrix and @Seprix not to mention some of my favorite legends like @Waterflame and @F-777.

Now this of course won't be easy for anyone, especially for me since I've been out of the music biz for almost a year of no submissions but I can tough this out. I hope I get to hear from previous judges like @ChronoNomad, @TaintedLogic, and @RealFaction. It'll not only be an honor but it would definitely make up for my lost time here on Newgrounds. With that I wish good luck to all participants and with the hopes that we all get a little something out of this!

Techmo-X <3


Posted by Teckmo-X - March 28th, 2019

Hey everyone Techmo-X coming back to you with some exciting news! First off let's kick it back to the name changes. I originally had changed my name to A.K.G.Rye but I wasn't feeling it at all which is why Techmo-X is back for good. A lot of people had a different opinion of the old name vs the new one which ended up me switching it back to Techmo-X.

Now that your girl Tech is back in action let's get to the exciting part of this new post :)

A new song is due to come out soon following my single "Virtual World" coming out on April 20. Alongside my single there is a big reveal coming up soon with the intention of bringing in some new work including a new album which I've been working on. Hopefully I can finish the album by June if the person I'm working with collaborates with me.

Well that's all for today's news. Hope you all stick around for the upcoming release of my single and be sure to check out my previous soundtrack "Drifter". As always have a great day from your's truly!

Techmo-X <3


Posted by Teckmo-X - March 8th, 2019

WARNING; I'm about to share some of my personal life with you and hoping you take time to understand.

A Heartbreak -

Damn so I don't even know where to start. Like everything hit me like a bus in the last 2 weeks. So long story short; My girlfriend broke up with me to be with her ex. Typical story of my life but it's a hurtful memory that will stick with me for a long time. So story goes we've been dating since last year Valentine's Day. Things were going good between us and nothing seemed to get in the way. She was happy, I was happy, things were good. She had problems with her ex which she told me she'd cut her off back in December and I was happy she moved on. That was a terrible lie that I was blind to see...

I found out that she was seeing her ex while we were seeing each other. This wasn't easy for me considering I've never hid anything from her let alone went behind her back. She broke up with me a week after Valentine's day. I was hurting and I didn't know how to cope with the heartbreak. It was a struggle.


For some of you who don't know I was an addict back then in my early years. High school was filled with kids wanting nothing more to get high and _____ up off of drugs. I got into a phase in my life where I had started using cocaine and heroin at 17. I had almost overdosed twice withing the 3 months of addiction. I had to go to rehab twice because of it. I came out clean and had been that way years after. Sadly, things changed recently. I was in so much pain from the break up trying to deal with my emotions that I turned to drugs and alcohol to numb out my pain. Smoking and drinking were't doing much for me since my mind was in the wrong place. Eventually I relapsed on Heroin after years of being clean. I've wanted to just feel something different other than what I was feeling. I remember walking up to the Brooklyn Bridge and sitting on the edge of a beam, ____ up on heroin and alcohol procrastinating on taking my life. I didn't do it but I felt like nothing else could help me numb the pain. I ended up passing out nearby a diner in my area. Eventually my girlfriend who recently broke up with me came around and wanted to take me back to her place where she took care of me for 3 days. I couldn't move at all from feeling so tired and drained. I want'ed to put a bullet through my head. I begin to move slowly and better. I was so upset with everything that was happening. I felt grateful in the end that she took care of me but it didn't mend that hole in my heart.

We ended up still being friends and we still talk from time to time but it doesn't stop me from crying myself to sleep knowing that the first person I've ever loved left me for her previous relationship. I'm still grateful to still have her in my life even when things still hurt.

The Show Must Go On! - With everything that's happened I'm not gonna store it inside of me. I made a mistake and must take responsibilities for what I did. Which is why to take my mind off of it I make music or smoke from time to time. A New song is in the process of being completed. Once I have done some final tests with them I'll promise I'll definitely release them. Thank you for the kind words from some and gestures too. It was a rough week but I'll get through and by them.

-AKG Rye-