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Teckmo-X's News

Posted by Teckmo-X - April 27th, 2019

So I've been pretty bad, so bad that I make the cats look bad :P Okay I haven't been THAT bad but let's just say I'm about to be bad. Say I ACCIDENTALLY made a post about a song submission for the A.I.M. Contest. What if I told you I ACCIDENTALLY revealed the name of ONE of the 2 songs I'm submitting to the A.I.M. Contest!?!?

Dad: Telling Lies!!!!

Me: NO PAPA!!!!! NO!!!!!


So breaking it down I've been working hard on my first submission for the A.I.M. Contest and it's so far coming out good but it definitely needs more work. Now of course I'm always releasing a sweet demo of my work from time to time but THIS TIME I'll refrain from doing so because it's a surprise. I will however mention 3 leaks about the first song;

  • The name of my first song for the A.I.M. Contest is called "Supernova".
  • The song will be a progressive trance soundtrack with a crispy climax for your crispy taste buds.
  • It is the second most worked song aside "Clockworks".

I hope you're all happy. Now you know a little bit about my first submission. This is without spoilers and will definitely be one of my favorite pieces to work on for sure. I've been working so hard on it that I had almost completely forgot to release "Virtual World" which if you haven't heard the demo yet here's a link;

Now back to working on that song of my and in the meantime listen to some of my recent work for an idea of what to expect for the A.I.M. Contest. I'd say both submissions will be closely related to the tracks below;

I can't wait to show you guys what I have up my sleeve! I would also like to wish all the other contestants for the A.I.M. Contest as well as hopefully getting a chance to compete against some of my favorite artists such as @MrKoolTrix, @5tanley, @Seprix, @midimachine, @Waterflame, @F-777, and @Zechnition! A good luck and wish for the best you guys! Really I hope I get to listen to some of your work for the contest and if you haven't joined in yet please do!!! (^.^)b

Teckmo-X <3



Posted by Teckmo-X - April 12th, 2019

I can not tell you how excited I am to finally be able to take part in this years A.I.M. Contest that I have waited so long for. 2 Years ago I managed to win a spot in the A.I.M. 2017 Album which was more than enough exciting and well worth any prize. Last year however sadly I had no access to a computer to work on one but today that will all change. I have already begun making a new song for the A.I.M. Contest and now it'll take some time to come up with a complete rendered, mixed, and well mastered track. I have the idea and now it's off to the studio. I hope to see many if not all of Newgrounds artists take part in such a yearly event and I'm looking forward to seeing submissions from @MrKoolTrix and @Seprix not to mention some of my favorite legends like @Waterflame and @F-777.

Now this of course won't be easy for anyone, especially for me since I've been out of the music biz for almost a year of no submissions but I can tough this out. I hope I get to hear from previous judges like @ChronoNomad, @TaintedLogic, and @RealFaction. It'll not only be an honor but it would definitely make up for my lost time here on Newgrounds. With that I wish good luck to all participants and with the hopes that we all get a little something out of this!

Techmo-X <3


Posted by Teckmo-X - March 28th, 2019

Hey everyone Techmo-X coming back to you with some exciting news! First off let's kick it back to the name changes. I originally had changed my name to A.K.G.Rye but I wasn't feeling it at all which is why Techmo-X is back for good. A lot of people had a different opinion of the old name vs the new one which ended up me switching it back to Techmo-X.

Now that your girl Tech is back in action let's get to the exciting part of this new post :)

A new song is due to come out soon following my single "Virtual World" coming out on April 20. Alongside my single there is a big reveal coming up soon with the intention of bringing in some new work including a new album which I've been working on. Hopefully I can finish the album by June if the person I'm working with collaborates with me.

Well that's all for today's news. Hope you all stick around for the upcoming release of my single and be sure to check out my previous soundtrack "Drifter". As always have a great day from your's truly!

Techmo-X <3


Posted by Teckmo-X - March 8th, 2019

WARNING; I'm about to share some of my personal life with you and hoping you take time to understand.

A Heartbreak -

Damn so I don't even know where to start. Like everything hit me like a bus in the last 2 weeks. So long story short; My girlfriend broke up with me to be with her ex. Typical story of my life but it's a hurtful memory that will stick with me for a long time. So story goes we've been dating since last year Valentine's Day. Things were going good between us and nothing seemed to get in the way. She was happy, I was happy, things were good. She had problems with her ex which she told me she'd cut her off back in December and I was happy she moved on. That was a terrible lie that I was blind to see...

I found out that she was seeing her ex while we were seeing each other. This wasn't easy for me considering I've never hid anything from her let alone went behind her back. She broke up with me a week after Valentine's day. I was hurting and I didn't know how to cope with the heartbreak. It was a struggle.


For some of you who don't know I was an addict back then in my early years. High school was filled with kids wanting nothing more to get high and _____ up off of drugs. I got into a phase in my life where I had started using cocaine and heroin at 17. I had almost overdosed twice withing the 3 months of addiction. I had to go to rehab twice because of it. I came out clean and had been that way years after. Sadly, things changed recently. I was in so much pain from the break up trying to deal with my emotions that I turned to drugs and alcohol to numb out my pain. Smoking and drinking were't doing much for me since my mind was in the wrong place. Eventually I relapsed on Heroin after years of being clean. I've wanted to just feel something different other than what I was feeling. I remember walking up to the Brooklyn Bridge and sitting on the edge of a beam, ____ up on heroin and alcohol procrastinating on taking my life. I didn't do it but I felt like nothing else could help me numb the pain. I ended up passing out nearby a diner in my area. Eventually my girlfriend who recently broke up with me came around and wanted to take me back to her place where she took care of me for 3 days. I couldn't move at all from feeling so tired and drained. I want'ed to put a bullet through my head. I begin to move slowly and better. I was so upset with everything that was happening. I felt grateful in the end that she took care of me but it didn't mend that hole in my heart.

We ended up still being friends and we still talk from time to time but it doesn't stop me from crying myself to sleep knowing that the first person I've ever loved left me for her previous relationship. I'm still grateful to still have her in my life even when things still hurt.

The Show Must Go On! - With everything that's happened I'm not gonna store it inside of me. I made a mistake and must take responsibilities for what I did. Which is why to take my mind off of it I make music or smoke from time to time. A New song is in the process of being completed. Once I have done some final tests with them I'll promise I'll definitely release them. Thank you for the kind words from some and gestures too. It was a rough week but I'll get through and by them.

-AKG Rye-

Posted by Teckmo-X - February 3rd, 2019

Good morning everyone! It's time I get back to business. Last post was mentioning my inability to make or create music of any kind. I was upset with the outcome of finding out that I had erased my only version of FL Studio I had from back in the day. Frustration and depression had gotten the best of me. I deal with it quite often but I have been making progress of my own and getting back to my roots. My mind is a bit more fresh from last time and I am doing better than how I was before. With that being said I'd like to thank you for kind words from the lot of people including @ChronoNomad for kind words of enlightenment. With that out of the way it's time to get back to where I left off 


Making Music Again!

So in the long run of having sold my computer almost a year ago and not having a version of FL Studio to use for that purpose I have found some light along the way that came as a surprise. In an old backed up Flash Drive I had a version of FL Studio 12.0.2 still intact. I didn't know if it would exactly work because ImageLine had stated that all pirated programs will no longer be available to use. However, with some luck I tried it on a 9 year old HP Pavilion G Series Notebook I had lying around and thankfully after restoring it to it's original factory reset it works without any issue. The processor handles it quite well and with the 4Gb of memory at my disposal it'll allow me to work with multiple tracks at once. Needless to say I'm back to making music for the first time after a year. I have been playing around with it to remember how to go about it since the interface is different for FL12 rather than my usual FL11. So far I have 2 songs I'm working on and I'll be releasing one soon enough. Next I'd like to talk about the community.


Making Time for Followers!

So I did mention that last time I wasnted to work on my ability to seek and review some of my followers and those who I follow. I do get busy from time to time and it does make it difficult for me to keep my word on it. I do find some interesting soundtracks around the audio portal and I take a liking to them in the long run of listening to it. Some of my favorite listens recently go to;

Some of my favorite artists still making music gives me motivation to do so myself. Getting back on track won't be as easy as I'd think but with some effort and support from my fellow Newgrounders I can proceed to making new, better music. 


Hope things have been good for everyone and that I get to participate in music contests and work with others like in the past. A warm hello from the other side, this is Tech, I'm getting back to work! #timeforchange #music #techmo-x 

P.S. I will be changing my name on here soon as follows; 

A.K.G. Rye 

My full name is Elise Lilium Rye for those who are curious so I'll be using my last name for identitiy purposes.




Techmo-X / A.K.G. Rye <3                  





Posted by Teckmo-X - October 13th, 2018

So last time I made a news post I talked about how I have no way of making music because;

  1. I lost the FL Studio cracked version I had in store in case I needed to redownload it which really sucks because I had everything ready to make music on it.
  2. I had to sell my computer because of my financial situation.


This is a huge drawback to me and it really only points out that it might take my until January/February latest to get back on the road to creating and developing new music. I actually have some new ideas for music but that will have to wait. I have been keeping myself busy with helping with the game my friend wants to make. While I can't make or develop new music I'll have to just work with what I got but I'm sure to release a couple of sneak peeks once we have more ideas figured out. I've also been thinking of continuing with the development of my website which I will be working on from time to time but that's also time consuming so I don't have much time to finish up everything.


Meanwhile.... I have been thinking about the people I follow and the people who follow me. I apologize for the many who has never gotten a review from me. I have made it a point that I do get busy with my schedule but that still saves me some time to come on here and review some new stuff. That's why every weekend I'll be checking back to back with everyone to see what's going on. I'll be rating and commenting on artwork, videos, music, and games. I will also open discussion about more social networking tweeks that I'd like to try out sometime. For now I hope I can get back to making music but I'll need to focus on the essentials of music making on a budget. As I've said every weekend will be a day to review posts, new music, new art, and more. I'll also be exploring the audio portal for new artists to file.


Posted by Teckmo-X - September 18th, 2018

Guys what is happening!? Well there isn't much news to write about but there is another urgent and important post. For those of you who develop music yourselves with beat making software will know the pain of using a cracked version of that program only to find out that YOU MIGHT have just deleted the only folder with the cracked version of FL Studio Producers Edition. Turns out......(takes deep breath)......(exhales)......It's GONE!!!!


I was cleaning my USB drives because I need it more space and other things So I might have deleated a version of FL Studio 11 Cracked. It wouldn't be a big deal since I mean I have Version 12 but Version 11 had a full on cracked program with all the plugins including aditional VST's which are helpful in my case. That's when I found out about this and looked no further but to come here and ask a very important question; 




Yeah I know it seems skecthy coming from me but I really need it. FL Studio is what made me start making my own songs. Without FL Studio I can't deliver a new line of audio. So please for anyone out there who could help me out, if you own a cracked or legit copy of FL Studio producers or unlocked can we work something out so I can redownload it. We can come out with some deal or if oyur feeling generous enough to just help up. If anyone can help I'd appreciate it big time!!!!


-Tech <3


Posted by Teckmo-X - August 25th, 2018

So it's been a while now and I've been working with a group about game designing and a possible game we might publish within the next year or so. Problem is now my comouter is dead and won't work. Tried switching up parts for it but it wont work at all anymore. I think the processor died on me and can't really do anything about it besides sell the parts and build a new one. Gonna have to start from scratch but should be fun. I hear the new Ryzen 2nd generation processors are doing really good in the industry so I might as well go for something along the lines of a Ryzen 5 and make things nice. I've done some research and decide to build one out of the list below; 

  • AMD Ryzen 5 1500x 3.5Ghz 
  • Patriot Viper Elite DDR4 (2x4Gb) 2600MHz
  • ASUS GeForce GTX 1060 3GB Dual-Fan OC Edition
  • MSI B350 Tomahawk Arctic Motherboard
  • Seagate FireCuda 1TB SSHD
  • Corsair Carbide 275R Mid-Tower Gaming Case
  • Corsair CXM Series 550 Watt 80+ Bronze Modular PSU
  • EagleTec Gaming Mechanical Keyboard LED Backlit KG011
  • Ajazz Watcher RGB Gamin Mouse w/ 7 DPI settings
  • Aigo Halo LED 120mm 12cm Case Cooling Fans (2 pack) Neon Blue


The outlook would be white but the rest would blend in with the LED coloring of the Neon Blue lighting. Cooling option has been left out as well as the OS I'll be using because I have not decided yet on my part which would be better in terms of cooling. I haven't come to a decision of whether I'll go AIO or decide to use regular fan cooling but for now the Wraith Cooler that comes with the Ryzen processor should hold up nicely for that time being. I also haven't made a final decision on the GPU since right now I'm looking to do more productivity rather than gaming so we will have to see what happens later on and how much of a budget I'll have. 

I will NOT be using an Intel based processor since I haven't seen some good uses for the multi-core side of things. The 8th Gen Intel processors have power but it lacks the ability to perform more complex tasks like rendering and development user software needs. for now Just enjoy the music I have to offer until I have things back and running. 


Comment your Halloween costume idea for this upcoming October. I would love to know what you all have planned. It'll ease up my mind with the loss of my magnificant system. 


P.S. I'm actually using a Macbook right now and it's hurting my heart X.X 





Posted by Teckmo-X - March 24th, 2018

She disappeared from the portal. No one knew where she was. Things seemed lost. Out of the shadows came a bright burning warrior with a mighty sw....You know what this might take too long hehehe




Techmo-X is Back!

Yeah I know I've been gone for a long time now and it's just been a rough road up ahead. Luckily I've stumbled into a clear path and found my way back into the Portal. So I know things seem a little slow right now but I'm looking to make some changes here. 

As you all know I make music and usually I surprise everyone :D 





....Okay maybe I need to try a different approach next time. 

Let's get to the main event then...


  • First order of business: Music. It's what I do and it can be tough to make it. Free time is scarce and so is plugins....food too. I've just got back into things so it'll be slow for the next month or until the A.I.M. Contest which I am looking forward to. I hope everyone is still around for more music.
  • I'm looking forward to doing something new and will be P.M. @RealFaction and @ChronoNomad for advice on holding stuff like sweepstakes/giveaways. After all I have been gone for a long time so things could have changed by now. I was gonna do it last year but things got busy so hopefully I can hold them here on Newgrounds or maybe on my still unfinished website which I don't know why I haven't done it yet. Details on it will be limited until I can get a hold of either of them for more information. If I get a green light we could be seeing some nice rewards coming in. 
  • I always said I'd give time from my week to look at new content from my followers and even the people I follow. Dedicating time to look at your submissions and review them. This could also be good for me since I've been gone for such a long time. I wan't to interect more with Newgrounders and make new alliances. I also want to try and participate in more contests and events held here at Newgrounds starting with the A.I.M. Contest.

As a side note: I will be trying to contact @ErrorCell to see for collaboration options like last time. Things were undefined and kinda fuzzy but I've been a fan of his work since 2 years ago and he's got the right atmosphere I need for my music. Hopefully I can reach him again if not then it was a tough try. Furthermore I will be accepting requests sometime nearing the end of July for a possible Youtube channel. I want to dedicate a channel for artists here on Newgrounds and share their submissions with everyone. This could become big if my game development team has time to create content for it. Who knows, maybe some of you might get a good first impression and some publicity. 


Like I said things will be slow and will take time to pick up but working on the side I could make some good progress. My team owes me anyways for the development of their RPG were making. 

Stick around for further news on what's happening.

Anyways check out this awesome track by @midimachine :



Much love

Tech <3


Posted by Teckmo-X - December 4th, 2017

It's been a while since I posted and submit new songs but Coming the start of 2018 there will be more music coming up on Newgrounds. Stick around!